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The most common ad production issues.

  1. Ad production is complicated, costly and time-consuming. Plus, many restrictions are involved.
  2. Having to use different technologies and companies to reach audiences on different platforms and devices.
  3. Difficulty finding sites that can run your rich-media banners with expandables.

ContoBox solutions

  1. Quick turnaround.
    Easy to use.
    Unlimited content.
    Cost per engagement pricing.
  2. One unified rich media technology that works on all platforms.
  3. Ability to run on high quality sites that certify our technology and accept our expandable sizes.

8% of users are responsible
for 84% of total internet clicks!

Brands need to engage users
on publishers' sites!

Your banners need to be cross-platform!


of internet penetration is coming from tablets.

Possibilities are endless,
let's work together!


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